Café Pouchkine: Sweet refinement with russian accent in Paris

Paris is and has always been a cosmopolitan city, here you can find everything. Want to take a trip around the world? Come to Paris! This week Private Homes brings you a precious tip: the Café Pouchkine.

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The Café Pouchkine is an essential gourmet destination of the Russian capital, but since 1999 it is in Paris that you can taste the Franco-Russian delicacies in a very sophisticated atmosphere in the ground floor of Galerie Printemps.

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The creations of pastry chef Damien Piscioneri are presented in a decor inspired by the eighteenth century that evokes the Russian tsars.

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The displays catch the attention with a collection of appetizing artworks of sugar and refined design such as the Prianick (Russian bread), the Medovick (dessert consisting of honey, milk, jam and cream), or even the famous macaroons with double flavors …

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Savory specialties and pastries specially created by Café Pouchkine are rather a culinary journey to take home or enjoy there, accompanied by a refreshing kvass (a fermented drink made from rye bread) original flavored teas, coffees or the famous hot chocolate from Café Pouchkine.

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Café Pouchkine is the perfect spot to take a break during a shopping spree while you wander between the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. Just take one of these goodies to make you feel like a prince or princess in Wonderland Paris!

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Can you resist? …

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Private Homes has a special apartment for your stay very close to the Galeries, so you can savor these treats in the comfort of your home in Paris!

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