Direct train now from Paris to Giverny in one hour now every week-end during Summer: Le train de l’Impressionisme

Giverny is a small
village in the west of Paris,
which was made famous by the
painter Claude Monet. In
1883, Monet fell in love with
this place, he discovered through
a train window. He
bought a house there,
moved in with his girlfriend,
his two son and six children,
and remained there until his death in
1926. Monet painted the
first campaign in 1890
when he bought the house where
he lived, he started his
famous water lily paintings.
He had built a pool of water turning
the local river to get a
visual effect. Not far from the
former home of Monet, Impressionism
Museum (Museum of
Impressionism) dedicated to
the different forms of Impressionist

Every saturday and Sunday until end of September
Departure: 11h05 from St Lazare to  Vernon Giverny

Return from Vernon Giverny at 18h49