Secret garden in the Marais: Square St Gilles Saint Veneur

Paris neighborhood harbor small squares where it
feels good to relax  in the shade
but some are so difficult to  find that if someone
does not give you the address it is impossible to find and the Square St
Gilles-Saint-Veneur is one of them

To access it, you should
take the rue

de Hesse, or Harquebusiers, then cross the
small porch in front
of you and you will discover the smallest square
of the 3rd districts beautifully decorated with climbing
roses; So romantic!

My recommendation: on your way buy a sandwich made with french
baguette and enjoy a peaceful lunch on the grass

Square St Gilles-Saint-Veneur

Rue des Arquebusiers

75003 Paris

Left end of the street

Metro: Chemin Vert ou St Sébastien Froissart