Little haven in the heart of the Marais overlooking flowered courtyard

This Studio, located rue Saint-Paul in the Paris 4ème arrondissement, can sleep up to 2 people.

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We are here in the heart of the Marais, a lively area full of trendy bars, fashion shops and restaurants, where you will meet different lifestyles. It is also the native heart of Paris where Lutèce was built in the 3rd century B.C. on the Ile Saint-Louis and Ile de La Cite, on which stands the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. The Marais is particularly alongside a large Jewish community, the rue des Rosiers is the main square: there are a large part of kosher restaurants and shops illustrating Jewish culture. Since 1990, an homosexual community has come to settle in the area around City Hall with a number of bars and restaurants displaying the rainbow flag, particularly in the streets near the BHV Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville. You can visit the National Museum of Modern Art Centre Georges Pompidou, the hotel Sully, the home of Victor Hugo, the Hotel de Ville…

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