Countryside in Paris: Montmartre is a village

Montmartre is a village and  I was very lucky this morning to meet Evelyn who has been living in this wonderful house of  the Villa Leandre since 1947.
She told me a anecdote about her beautiful glycine that she was being maintened with love and I am happy to share it with you: when she moved to this house with her parents in 1947, she could not manage to grow this glycine and it is some years after,  thanks to a trip to Florence, that she found how to grow it upon his return! although she revealed her gardening secrets to her neighbours no one of them succeeded and she has the only house to have one.
Evelyne was standing at her balcony when I talked to her this morning and she came downstairs to discuss with me and accepted that I write this story about her. Thanks to her and it was a privilege for me to meet such person.
A good start to the day!