Private Homes is launching “a Girl in Paris”

Private Homes is launching “a Girl in Paris” introducing lovely parisian girls, their job, their neigborhood
Summer in Paris ! This month: Maryll co-owner of Madre & Figlia a top quality vintage shop rue Saint Sauveur

I could not do otherwise than to start my first interview with a Parisian living where our office is located rue Saint Sauveur in the trendy Montorgueil area:

Restaurant Montorgueil Petits Carreaux


The rue Saint Sauveur is a pedestrian street composed of 17th and 18th century buildings, a sort of 17th/18th-century village atmosphere. A minute away by foot reveals the rue Montorgueil, a market street lined with food shops, wine shops, cafes and restaurants. It is pedestrainized, and is full of people shopping for food!

Maryll, tells us about rue Saint Sauveur where you live and work?
I do everything rue Saint Sauveur, work, eat, and sleep as my apartment is next door to my shop but frankly I find everything I want. I even practise my sport rue Saint Sauveur in a sport club
I really feel the atmosphere of a village as everyone knows each other and as soon as there is a ray of sunshine everyone rushes to the street to have a drink. We have celebrated Spring by aligning to all shops primroses. Was enchanting.

What do you do for living?
We own together with my mother Madre & Figlia (mother & daughter in italian – my mother is Italian) ((33 rue Saint Sauveur)

We sell luxury brands at very cheap rates Our concept is quite different to our competitors Indeed, mostly of our products are almost new. But You can also find some vintage clothes or accessories as well : they have a story and especially they are timeless style.

A lovely and hidden place in the area ? The “Passage du Grand Cerf” a hidden shopping passage next door

Image 1 recadré

What is your favorite shop? (except yours of course) rue Saint Sauveur ?
Une fleur en liberté : Edith, the owner is not a simple florist but a creatrice full of talent who exercises her talent in a tiny boutique (26 rue Saint Sauveur)

une fleur en liberté 21

Your favorite restaurant ?
The Sinople : It is my refuge! It’s in the courtyard of my sport club of Montorgueil.(4bis rue Saint Sauveur)

Le Sinople