Push the doors of the dream wardrobe of Parisians at the Hôtel de Ville until end of October

Le-dressing-de-rêve-des-parisiens-expo-guide-livre-lexceptionThe most envied wardrobe of the planet unveils its precious assets during a free resolutely « trendy». exhibition. We can already hear high heels pounding the cobblestones heading towards Paris Rendez-Vous, the space nestled in the l’Hôtel de Ville
Le Dressing de Rêve des Parisiens, from the 8th of September to the 31st of October 2015, Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm.


Private Homes is launching “a Girl in Paris”

Private Homes is launching “a Girl in Paris” introducing lovely parisian girls, their job, their neigborhood
Summer in Paris ! This month: Maryll co-owner of Madre & Figlia a top quality vintage shop rue Saint Sauveur

I could not do otherwise than to start my first interview with a Parisian living where our office is located rue Saint Sauveur in the trendy Montorgueil area:

Restaurant Montorgueil Petits Carreaux


The rue Saint Sauveur is a pedestrian street composed of 17th and 18th century buildings, a sort of 17th/18th-century village atmosphere. A minute away by foot reveals the rue Montorgueil, a market street lined with food shops, wine shops, cafes and restaurants. It is pedestrainized, and is full of people shopping for food!

Maryll, tells us about rue Saint Sauveur where you live and work?
I do everything rue Saint Sauveur, work, eat, and sleep as my apartment is next door to my shop but frankly I find everything I want. I even practise my sport rue Saint Sauveur in a sport club
I really feel the atmosphere of a village as everyone knows each other and as soon as there is a ray of sunshine everyone rushes to the street to have a drink. We have celebrated Spring by aligning to all shops primroses. Was enchanting.

What do you do for living?
We own together with my mother Madre & Figlia (mother & daughter in italian – my mother is Italian)
https://www.facebook.com/madrefigliaparis ((33 rue Saint Sauveur)

We sell luxury brands at very cheap rates Our concept is quite different to our competitors Indeed, mostly of our products are almost new. But You can also find some vintage clothes or accessories as well : they have a story and especially they are timeless style.

A lovely and hidden place in the area ? The “Passage du Grand Cerf” a hidden shopping passage next door

Image 1 recadré

What is your favorite shop? (except yours of course) rue Saint Sauveur ?
Une fleur en liberté : Edith, the owner is not a simple florist but a creatrice full of talent who exercises her talent in a tiny boutique (26 rue Saint Sauveur)

une fleur en liberté 21

Your favorite restaurant ?
The Sinople : It is my refuge! It’s in the courtyard of my sport club of Montorgueil.(4bis rue Saint Sauveur)

Le Sinople

A beautiful Sunday morning at St Ouen Flea Market: visit of Vernaison

Allée – Stand 198: Sylvie

Allée 2 – Stand 55: Fanny

 Allée 6 Stand 101: Laure

Allée 2 – Stand 55

Located in the north of Paris, a few steps away from the Sacre Coeur Basilica and Moulin Rouge, Les Puces is known as one of the largest Flea Market in the world. For a fun-filled weekend, it’s one of the best place to go for shopping in Paris: antique jewellery, furniture, old books, records and vintage clothes, Les Puces de Saint Ouen, a perfect place to pick up a present for the hard to please and fashionista hipsters with the help of antique trade dealers. I have been there dozens of times and decided to focus on Vernaison this time to visit Sylvie’s antique shop with lovely enamel French Vintage coffee pots that I collect and Laure’s antique shop which is the caverne d’Ali Baba (cave of Ali Baba) without to forget Fanny’s lovely antique stand. I have added a picture of the restaurant Chez Louis which offers an old-fashioned atmostphere at reasonable prices. I did not have to stop.

Delicious little portugese tarts (natas) bought at Albert & Robert at the Market of Asnières sur Seine for a lovely Sunday tea party!

Today was very sunny in Paris and I decided to cross the Seine river to reach Asnières Sur Seine and buy delicious natas (little portuguese tarts) at Albert & Robert at the Marché des Victoires – 3 place des Victoires. They were perfect for a lovely Sunday tea! To reach this lovely market take the metro line 3 and get off at the station Gabriel Péri.Then you will have to walk 10 mn crossing little streets bordered by beautiful houses.

La Ferme St Hubert in the 9th district! great address for cheese

What a good suprise to discover the new shop of La Ferme St Hubert who used to be rue Vignon in the 8th district where I was going more than 20 years ago….. A good address for their variety of cheese.

La Ferme St Hubert – 36 rue Rochechouart – 75009 PARIS (Metro: Cadet)


Paris flea markets! I love them and I alway find treasures for my Shabby Chic Homes

We have wellknown flea markets as St
Ouen or Vanves but less known but very interesting are the “vide
greniers ” (car boot sale), the flea markets by neighborhood. They are
held twice a year in all the Parisneigborhoods which makes a total of
40! therefore you might have a chance to visit one of them when you are
in Paris. Some are made by professionnals but the authentic “vide
grenier” is organized by residents. This one was held in the
9th district, rue de Rochechouart

Six Good Reasons Why Renting an Apartment in Paris is Better Than Staying in a Hotel

Spending your holidays in Paris by staying in tourist-heavy hotels is quickly becoming a thing of the past. According to one study, today as many as twenty five percent of regular visitors to Paris choose to rent an apartment and experience the city more intimately. The reasons for this vary but the two main ones seem to be the declining attractiveness and the monotony of a hotel-based trip and an increasing professionalism, ease and standards with which Paris apartments can be rented.

Those who decide on renting a flat in Paris are almost guaranteed not to go back to staying in a hotel. The experience is so vastly different and fulfilling that it is bound to provide you with not only great memories but a deep understanding of Parisian lifestyle.

Yet, for those who never rented their vacation apartment in Paris before, the decision to transition from familiar surroundings of a reception desk to a private flat can be difficult one. It shouldn’t be. Today, renting an apartment in Paris is easier and safer than it ever was. However, if you are the other 75 percent of visitors and hotel halls is all you know, renting an apartment can be a step in an uncharted and unfamiliar territory. To push you over this mental blockade, we have listed top six reasons of why renting an apartment beats staying in a hotel hands down. Here they are:

Reason no#6: Space

Whether you are traveling with your family or just need a healthy amount of floor space to move about, renting an apartment will provide you with the greatest amount of space for the price. Often times you can rent an apartment that can easily and comfortably house over six people. While in a hotel this would mean splitting your family into two or three smaller rooms, in a larger apartment you will be able to feel at home. If you are travelling with friends this type of setting can offer extreme savings over hotels as costs of rental are divided between you. Even if you are traveling by yourself or with only one partner, apartments are cozier and more spacious than hotels. Simply put, they were built for creature comfort. If you are the kind of person who enjoys waking up, make your coffee in your kitchen and then walk out on your balcony rather than slug your way down to the hotel restaurant and peek through the window that does not open, apartments are the choice for you.

Reason no#5: Atmosphere

Let’s face it: no matter how many spas and gyms hotels advertise, staying in them will always be devoid of any sort of atmosphere. You will always pass unfamiliar faces of tired, jet-lagged people who only wish they could get a bit of privacy – preferably away from you. Who can actually enjoy the constant sound of luggage on wheels, or the vacuum cleaner at full-blast in an adjacent room? Who can call the dining in a hermetically-separated from the beating city’s lifestyle hotel restaurant a meal? Lets face it: there is nothing personal about staying in a hotel. Now imagine opening the doors to your own, quiet and cozy apartment in the heart of Paris, opening a bottle of wine with that special someone; then going out your own private balcony to enjoy your special Paris view. See the difference?

Reason no#5: Cook your own meals

The sad truth about hotel meals is that they only look good in their brochures. Even if you do get lucky and your dinner does taste delicious, you probably feel that it is far from being a meal. It simply lacks the intimacy you can have in your own place with your family, friends or just spending relaxing time and eating in front of TV as we all enjoy doing. Another great thing about getting your own meal is that you are not forced into your hotel’s time table if your meals are included. You can simply eat what you want and when you want.

Although you may not be a born chef, you will soon appreciate the beauty of being able to quickly whip up your own meals as these translate into great money savers over time. Not feeling like cooking at all? Jump out and eat in your favorite local café or order home delivery – just like you would at home.

Reason no#4: Independence and intimacy

Whenever you hear a word “intimate” used in a hotel’s ad know that you are dealing with an oxymoron. Other examples of oxymoron are: liquid gas, found missing, larger half, only choice, civil engineer, virtual reality or peacekeeper missile. Simply put, there is nothing intimate about tons of tired tourists or time brackets for coming and leaving and eating. Intimacy and privacy are adjectives naturally suited to your own home, even if it is a temporary one. It is the feeling you can recognize once you turn the key into your own flat. It is the feeling of home.

Reason no#3: Comfort

Unless you are staying in a five star hotel, chances are that the level of comfort you will experience will not be just modest. If you are staying in one of the world-wide chain hotels you probably already know what the room layout is and how the bathroom looks like.

Selected apartments in Paris such as the ones on www.private-homes.com offer superior standards of comfort. If your budget allows for a luxury apartment rental, you are certain to stay in one of Paris’s premiere apartments with great amenities such as internet, satellite TV and many others – not to mention your own personal kitchen. Living room, balcony, bedroom and so on.

Reason no#2: Cost

Renting an apartment in Paris provides a great value for your money. These savings are multiplied depending on how many people share the apartment. As in hotels, the prices of apartments vary with location. Premium locations are more expensive but they also have more to offer. Paris’ first nine arrondisements are considered the most desirable. However, the 10th, 17th and 20th are not to be overlooked. Being able to make your meals or drop by your local supermarket is another way of saving additional cash.

Luxembourg GardensOld popular Poujauran Bakery 20 rue Jean Nicot 7thMarché

Reason no#1: Experience (a memorable stay)

Experience is probably the number one reason why you should get away from the tourist-heavy hotels and rent your own apartment in Paris. By doing so you will stop being a tourist and become a Parisian. The memories from your stay will be forever distinct from the dozens of same-looking hotels and motels you stayed in. You will get a deeper understanding and feeling of what Paris is all about and immerse yourself in its lifestyle – leaving the tourist crowds behind. All this while staying safe and comfortable in a private, intimate setting.

As with all things in life, there are also some disadvantages with renting an apartment such as the fact that you will not be able to count on the room service to come and clean your things each morning. Yet these disadvantages are tiny in comparison to the benefits and advantages you get from renting an apartment in Paris.

If what you read has pushed you towards making your first rental, we suggest you start by checking out our collection  of  selected Paris rental apartments at www.private-homes.com

Bon Voyage !

The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo – The British Amelie of the Kitchen

I bought Rachel’s cooking book a month ago and She represents exactly the “vivre à la parisienne” that I want to share on my blog. I was glad to meet with her yesterday sharing a lovely dinner party called “once upon a table”, on a peniche facing Notre Dame. Thanks to Fred from www.lefoodlist.com (his website will be launched in two weeks). In her book it says that Rachel is the British Amelie of the Kitchen and believe me (living in Montmartre I know exactly who Amelie is) she is, definitely. You can buy her book on Amazone and do not miss her videos on https://www.youtube.com/user/rachelkhooks

Au Levain d’Antan – The 2011 best Baguette is in Montmartre

O prêmio para o melhor Baguette de estilo tradicional em Paris (Grand Prix de la Baguette de Tradition Française de la Ville de Paris) foi atribuído a Pascal Barillon que possui o Au levain d’antan em Montmartre.6 rue des Abbesses – Montmartre (Metrô: Abbesses)

live streaming film Going in Style online