Spring is coming….Countryside in the 14h district – one of the most romantic’s street of Paris

Rue des Thermopyles (metro Pernety)is a quiet and pedestrian street,  no car, only bicycles parked, green plants and herbs.  A hidden gem!

Pictures: Marc Bertrand

Secret garden in the Marais: Square St Gilles Saint Veneur

Paris neighborhood harbor small squares where it
feels good to relax  in the shade
but some are so difficult to  find that if someone
does not give you the address it is impossible to find and the Square St
Gilles-Saint-Veneur is one of them

To access it, you should
take the rue

de Hesse, or Harquebusiers, then cross the
small porch in front
of you and you will discover the smallest square
of the 3rd districts beautifully decorated with climbing
roses; So romantic!

My recommendation: on your way buy a sandwich made with french
baguette and enjoy a peaceful lunch on the grass

Square St Gilles-Saint-Veneur

Rue des Arquebusiers

75003 Paris

Left end of the street

Metro: Chemin Vert ou St Sébastien Froissart

Countryside in Paris: Montmartre is a village

Montmartre is a village and  I was very lucky this morning to meet Evelyn who has been living in this wonderful house of  the Villa Leandre since 1947.
She told me a anecdote about her beautiful glycine that she was being maintened with love and I am happy to share it with you: when she moved to this house with her parents in 1947, she could not manage to grow this glycine and it is some years after,  thanks to a trip to Florence, that she found how to grow it upon his return! although she revealed her gardening secrets to her neighbours no one of them succeeded and she has the only house to have one.
Evelyne was standing at her balcony when I talked to her this morning and she came downstairs to discuss with me and accepted that I write this story about her. Thanks to her and it was a privilege for me to meet such person.
A good start to the day!

Cité des Fusains in Montmartre

Also known as the Villa des Fusains, the  Cité des Fusains is 22 rue de Tourlaque and is a beautiful building composed of apartments and houses with a garden. Famous artists like Renoir and Toulouse Lautrec used to live there.I had the chance to visit a beautiful house which was for rent last year and I still have the code to get in!!! Please, visit the following link which gives you more information and they also have an apartment for rent there  http://parisapart.nerim.net/LesFusains/FusainsInBooks.htm

14th edition of the Paris Garden Festival, 25th & 26th September 2010

Small garden, pretty wild, open exceptionally on the occasion of the garden festival!
During these two days a lot of hidden gardens open their doors
If you want to receive the schedule for all garden visits, please, send me an email to lisette.anne@gmail.com

Address: 39 rue Gay-Lussac 75005 Paris

Paris Hidden gardens – Festival of Paris Gardens

On 26 and 27 September, the annual Festival of Paris Gardens opens up the green spaces of Paris for two spectacular days. It features hundreds of free events in gardens throughout the French capital – from guided tours and walks to concerts and exhibitions.